List of Tapes and CDs

·         Clam Chowder: Stewed (LP and tape, no longer in print)

·         Clam Chowder: For Here or To Go (LP and tape, no longer in print)

·         Clam Chowder: Leftovers (tape, no longer in print)

·         Clam Chowder:  Special Order (tape, no longer in print)

Okay, all this stuff we've listed is out of print. But, patience, dear reader, most of it is on our two most recent CDs listed below. KEEP READING!!!!

·         Clam Chowder: Last Call (tape, still available!!!!!, $10)

·         Clam Chowder: Salvaged (CD, re-mastered earlier releases, available!!! $15)

·         Clam Chowder: Spindrift (CD, more re-mastered earlier releases, available!!! $15)


Please note: Salvaged and Spindrift are presently being issued in CD-R format. Some (primarily older) CD systems have trouble running CD-Rs.   We would highly advise trying a CD-R on your system before purchasing Salvaged or Spindrift.  As always, we are willing to exchange or refund money for CDs that don't work on your system.  We are presently working on getting Salvaged and Spindrift produced on normal CDs and hope to accomplish this in the near future.

At High Tide (CD now available, $20)

For a list of songs on each product, click here.

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