List of Songs for Last Call, Salvaged, Spindrift and At High Tide

At High Tide

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Last Call

        New South Wales

        If I had my way

        Twa Corbies

        Little Ditches



        Witch of the Westmoreland

        Goodnight Loviní Trail

        Hard Luck Stories

        Froggy Monk

        Poor Ditching Boy

        Bad Manís Blunder


        New York Girls.

Salvaged (CD compiled from earlier releases and re-mastered)

        Run Come See


        Band Played Waltzing Matilda

        Maderia MíDear

        Worms of the Earth

        Badmanís Blunder

        Twa Corbies

        Itís not our fault


        Poor Ditching Boy

        Beans Taste Fine

        John OíDreams

        E Yuk Nem


        Nova Scotia Farewell

        How Can I Keep from Singing

        Witch of Westmoreland


        Son of a Scoundrel

        Leave Her Johnny

Spindrift (CD compiled from earlier releases and re-mastered)

        Bully in the Alley

        Botany Bay

        Harpsong of Dane Women

        General Taylor

        Simple Gifts

        Broomfield Hill

        Vo Kuznitse


        Wee Dark Engine Room

        Dancing Monk

        Away Rio

        Horn of the Hunter


        Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy

        Babylon is Fallen

        A Motherís Lament

        Wing Chang Lu

        Harried Leisure Class

        Rolling Down to Old Maui

        Irish Sea

        Roll the Woodpile Down

        Sailorís Hymn

        New South Wales

        Sweet Hope of Glory

        New York Girls

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