List of Downloadable Songs

These songs are available for downloading for free. I found that, on my Microsoft-based system, a song could be downloaded by right-clicking it and then choosing 'save link as...' On Apple systems, I'm told that the magic combination is Control (click mouse).

All songs here are either traditional or by us. If you like a song, or if you would like to donate to help out John with his medical expenses, we suggest a contribution of $1 per song, payable through the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. Until further notice, all monies collected, minus PayPal fees (approximately 4%) will go to John for his medical expenses.

All songs here are either traditional, written by us, or we have special permission to use them. Given this particular arrangement, we cannot post songs written by others in this format. If you are aware of a song that is on one of our CDs that falls into the above criteria that you would like to download you can email Bob and request that it be posted. If you have problems, questions, or song requests please email Bob at

The songs below were recorded and played by John. These arrangements (and most of the songs) do not appear on any of our albums.

Song Title or Donation